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Tremadone Reviews

Read real reviews from Tremadone customers. Tremadone has been helping thousands of people since 2010.

Tremadone really works!! I have head tremors but THANKS to God and Tremadone I got my life back.

I can do things I haven’t done in 6 years. I’m glad I don’t have to take medication but can take something natural.

Kim Light

I started taking Tremadone and after nine months of no head shaking, I stopped taking it. It was about 6 weeks later my granddaughter mentioned my shaking head. I started taking it again and when I take two pills a day, I have absolutely no symptoms.

When I first noticed my head shaking, when I laid down at night it felt like the inside of my head was shaking. That feeling has never returned after about two weeks on Tremadone.

A person has no risk in trying it, and a whole lot to gain if it does for them what it has done for me.

Delores Duncan

Essential tremors runs in our family. I had my mother at a neurologist, many years ago, so I knew what medications they had available for treatment. He had told me that I was showing some signs of tremors and that I would probably start showing more symptoms as I aged. And I did. I would have hand tremors every now and then, but it wasn’t really bad. Last year I started having trouble with the muscles in my legs by my pelvic area. I would have good days and bad days, but never really associated it with tremors, since my grandmother had jaw tremors and my mother had hand and head tremors. As I look back now, I think my mother had problems with leg muscles, also, it was just never associated with tremors. I had started taking Valerian Root and it did help. But, then I came across Tremadone on the net, so I decided to try it. I was amazed at how well it worked on my legs! I can now get up without pain, walk without pain, and I am THRILLED!!!! My husband and children are so glad that I am not in pain. My husband may be secretly wishing it hadn’t worked THAT well, since I go out and shop and a lot more now! How I wish this had been available for my mom and grandma!

Linda Osborn

I have a tremor in my hands and body. I feel that Tremadone has helped reduce the symptoms.

Jan Duggan

Over the years, my familial tremor, which had started in my left hand, had also propagated to my right hand. My condition had grown worse and worse over the months to the point where using the keyboard for my profession was getting to be more and more difficult.

I have taken the Tremadone with a meal twice a day as instructed for 3 weeks now and today, people actually see a considerable reduction in my tremors. The condition was such that if I refilled a regular bottle of water and just held it up, the water would spill out of the bottle before I could put the cap on the bottle.

I am now on automatic renewal and I hope to see a complete correction of this conditions even if it take 2-3 months. Tremadone has been a God send to me.


I have been very pleased with the results Tremadone has given me. I do take it in conjunction with Primidone. I am much more successful in controlling my tremor when taking the combination of the two. I have been so impressed that I shared the information about Tremadone with my doctor. He found it interesting, informative and decided to share the product information with some of his other patients. Tremadone has made living with the tremor more bearable.

Brenda Speide

I have been using Tremadone for approximately six months now. I have had bad nerves and shaky hands for sometime now. Also, my handwriting was beginning to suffer, because I could not write legibly. I stopped charging things in stores, because I could not sign my name very well. Doctors would just prescribe tranquilizers.
After just a few days of taking Tremadone, my nerves settled down, and I could write again. I still have a problem when I drink caffeine, but I am fine otherwise. I’m also sleeping better. I no long toss for an hour or two before going to sleep. Thank you, Tremadone.


I did not believe it would lessen the tremors I was experiencing but decided to try it anyway. I was wrong! Are they gone? No, however, they have been reduced such that I am no longer embarrassed to interact with people in public. The product arrives on time and is always fresh. When I decided to change my delivery schedule, the representative that helped me was friendly and knowledgeable.

Larry Morris

I’ve liked it so far. My wife says my tremors have reduced. I’ll stick with it to see if results improve even more or not. Thanks.

Bill Carver

I am a 73 year old woman that is now using tremadone. At first I decided that I didn’t want to use the drugs that would give me many side affects. I was told by my family that I had a head tremor for years and it would get worse with stress and fatigue. It never bothered me until I started to also have a right arm tremor as well. I saw a neurologist and he asked me if I wanted meds. After reading about all the side affects I decided to look into your supplement. It definitely calmed the tremor. I will continue to take the supplement. It is worth the investment. NM